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Window Cleaning

Regular window maintenance not only keeps your windows clean and free of grime and buildup and dramatically improves the visual appeal of your home, but it can also help to maintain the efficiency of the windows by protecting and conditioning the seals of the window, preventing air leaks and “clouded” windows, thus saving expensive repairs. A-Star Home Technologies services the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area providing window cleaning, maintenance and repair. We use  the latest technologies, such as pure water system cleaning, as well as traditional tried and true techniques to provide you with full service window maintenance capable of handling basic cleaning and restoration jobs. Workmansip 100% guaranteed.

Our full line of window maintenance services include:


-Inspection and evaluation

-Pure water system window cleaning

-Traditional window cleaning

-Paint removal, construction cleanup


-Coach lights and chandelliers

-Screen cleaning, screen repair

-Sky lights, storm windows

-Inside and outside service

Pure Water System Cleaning

Pure water system wiindow cleaning is the latest technology in the industry. This form of window cleaning uses several methods, including active carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and deionization to remove sediments, deposits and minerals from tap water for use in cleaning. From the stand point of science and chemistry, adding detergents to water serves to make water "more wet" by providing it more capacity to disolve and absorb dirt and grime. Removing the deposits in the water, has the same effect as adding detergent or soap, leaving the pure water with the capacity to desolve the dirt and grime on your windows into solution, where it can be rinsed away, leaving spot free glass, with out the use of chemicals and cleaners. This form of window cleaning is safer and allows the windows to stay cleaner longer, because it leaves no soapy residues on the glass for dirt to stick to and the deionized water can help to keep staticly charged particles from being attracted to the glass. This form of window cleaning is typically 15% to 30%  cheaper than traditional window cleaning because the equipment allows the technician to reach second and third story windows without the use of a ladder. Pure water system cleaning is a very effective method of maintenance cleaning, but is not effective in restoration cleaning where deposits like paint, construction addhesives and other deposits that cannot be removed with soap and water are present, and require scraping or scouring. 

Traditional window cleaning

Traditional window cleaning use chemical glass cleaners, squeegies and towells for cleaning. This is the method that most people are familiar with. The chemical cleaning solutuion is applied to the window with an applicator or spounge and worked to disolve and absorb dirt on the window. The dirty solution is the removed with squeegies or towells, leaving the windows clear and clean. This method of window cleaning is less cost effective than pure water system cleaning, as it reqires the technician to use ladders to reach higher windows. Traditional methods enable the technician  to scrape paint, and other nonsoluable deposits from the window. This method is recommended for resoration cleaning, post construction cleaning, or other situations where extra care may be needed to have the desired results. 

Screen cleaning and screen repair

Taking care of your window screens is an often overlooked but very important aspect to maintaining the appearance, functionallity, and efficiency of your windows. Keeping up with proper maintence of your screens helps to keep your windows cleaner longer and helps to prolong the life of the screen, preventing premature wear that can lead to ugly holes and worn fibers in the screen, oxidation from the screen to build up on the window glass, and the transfer of dirt from the screen to the window. Worn and unmaintained screens can make your windows look bad no matter how clean your glass is.  A Star Home Technologies provides screen maintenance services including screen cleaning, seasonal removal and replacement, and screen repair.


Window maintenance service pricing

Please contact us for pricing information. References available upon request. Free Estimates for Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas.